David Avidor

David is a photography, graphic design, and art teacher mentor. His goal is to do something creative every day. David loves humor, a good story, cooking, and the sound of laughter.


David is a professional photographer who teaches photography, graphic design, and various art classes. He loves seeing his students find their own voice in the arts.


David graduated with a BFA in graphic design from California College of the Arts. 


David’s work experience is vast and covers many fields. He was a farmer, a shepherd, a soldier… he sold socks, cheese and coffee, and sold and laid tile. He framed pictures, designed toys, packaging, and kids’ craft kits. And he taught - and still teaches - kids and adults how to take great photographs.


David almost always has his camera with him, always looking to capture the world from different perspectives. He also loves cooking from scratch, goofing around with his friends, chilling out, and seizing life’s precious moments as they come. David is the true definition of an “out-of-the-box” thinker. Camping with his wife and their three boys is always number one on his “let’s-do-this” list.