Bradley Penner




Bradley Penner is a recent graduate of San Francisco State University’s (SFSU) Creative Writing MFA Program, specializing in poetics, education, and mixed media design. Taking three years after high school to decide to return to higher education, he received a Bachelors of Arts and four Associates of Arts at SFSU and Berkeley City College, respectively, graduating summa cum laude from both institutions.


During Bradley's time at San Francisco State, he served for three years in many editorial capacities for the graduate-student run literary journal Fourteen Hills: the SFSU Review, including Editor-in-Chief, Poetry Editor, Copyeditor, and Art Editor. He has nearly ten years of experience as a tutor, assistant instructor, and workshop facilitator, and has published poems and essays in several journals and magazines. Taking a DIY approach to publishing and media output, he has a personal and professional interest in printmaking, editorial production, and mixed media design.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Avid cyclist, bikepacker, and wilderness backpacker
  • Performs, produces, curates, and DJs several genres of music
  • Wants to be the next Huell Howser