Tiffany Barber

Mentor | Health, Wellness, and Yoga Teacher
Tiffany is a Yoga Mentor Teacher at Fusion Berkeley who also teaches Wellness, Health, English, Psychology, Life Skills, Community Minds and other elective classes. She grew up in the Bay Area and earned her BS in Psychology from Saint Mary’s College of California before moving to Memphis for a Master’s Degree Teaching program. She has teaching credentials through the state of Tennessee with multiple endorsements and has taught elementary school, middle school and high school at schools all over the country the past decade while her husband served in the Army. Tiffany has a passion for adventure and has lived, worked and traveled all over the world. Many of these adventures opened doors and expanded her skills and interests to include unique areas of training such as Yoga. She has spent her career mentoring youth through work in education, children’s group homes, nonprofits, in clinical settings supervising ABA treatment for ASD clients and through Yoga and Mindfulness.