Patrick McCarthy Nielsen

Math/ Science

Patrick has always been driven by a need to scratch beneath the surface of things to better understand what actually is going on here, anyway. When he was eight, he spent an afternoon in the dark with a flashlight trying to figure out how the moon phases worked. When he was 12, he pondered artificial intelligence on his long walks home from school.

He attended St. John’s college – first in Annapolis, then in Santa Fe – where he studied the History of Math and Science and Philosophy. After college, he came to the conclusion that education has the power to shape us for better or for worse and that he wanted to help make it for the better. He trained as an elementary and high school teacher in the Waldorf school movement and later studied education policy and theory at the University of Illinois. He has helped students from elementary to college age with math, science, writing, history, and test preparation.

He enjoys the good things in life: cooking and eating food, walking in nature, reading good books, and playing games. He lives in Austin with his wife, also a teacher, and his two dogs.

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