Jourdan Simmang

Assistant Director

Jourdan is a native Texan, making his home all along the Comal, Colorado, Frio, and Red Rivers. He collected unrivaled and invaluable experiences as he traveled with his family, eventually graduating in 2002 with his International Baccalaureate diploma from Hirschi High School. This high school education formed a solid foundation that would serve him indefinitely in the future. Most importantly, it bred in him an insatiable appetite for learning. After high school, he pursued his Bachelors in Creative Writing, then on to Concordia University where he obtained his Masters in Education.

He comes from a long line of teachers, and he tried to run away from it as long as possible. But, in 2010, he happily succumbed to the siren’s call, and he started his teaching career in Austin ISD. He has taught history, English, Math, Science, and Mythbusters in public, private, and charter schools since then, trying to get a feel for how to fix education by learning everything he can about the students, the schools, and the state. Last year, he served as a teacher mentor and curriculum designer, both skills he will carry with him in his role as Assistant Director. Teaching is in his blood, and he’d tell you that there is no other profession in the world that can make as much a difference in someone else’s or your own life.

When he isn’t thinking about improving education, he can be found holding a tea party with his daughter, trying out new recipes with his wife in his kitchen, playing the banjo, guitar, ukulele, sax, or didgeridoo, writing poetry and kid’s books, working out at his forge, or sharpening his fencing skills. His favorite authors are Neil Gaiman, Neal Stephenson, and Scarlett Thomas, all of whom have a standing invitation to have coffee with him.