Holly Melear

Art/ Wellness/ Lifeskills

Holly Melear is a native born Austinite raised by a family of artists, sculptures, and musicians. Holly received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and her Master’s from St. Edwards University focusing on Ancient Near Eastern art and text finalizing her thesis at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. In addition to her career as a professional artist, Holly’s career has included Visual Art Instruction for over 20 years, gallery and event management, fine arts coordinator and advocate, and art and artifact restoration.
In addition to her artistic pursuits Holly also directs a nonprofit focused on STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) and the Space Industry. She holds multiple events throughout the US with the Cities in Space Student Conferences, introducing students to NASA, ESA and commercial space professionals.
Holly’s surrealistic style, blended with ancient and modern symbolism, has appealed to audiences for commission works, solo, and group exhibitions. She has shown her work at numerous venues including the Texas State Capitol, Austin City Hall, and the Julia C. Buttridge gallery, and numerous shows outside of Austin. Her series have included serious commentaries on political topics, modern iconic imagery, and whimsical illustrative works.

Holly has explored a wide variety of media ranging from watercolor and pastel to acrylic and collage. Forms of ancient spirituality have been a constant focus throughout Holly’s artistic career. Holly has spent years exploring the imagery and symbolism in Native American & Western European Shamanism. These studies have enabled her to explore the world of iconography and the creation of ancient images in modern form. By using art as a universal language and as a vehicle to blend culture, spirituality, time and imagery, Holly creates a dialogue about the connection of humanity across the globe.