Francis Cooney

ASL teacher

Francis grew up in Austin, but had been away 36 years.He lived in Japan for 8 months after he graduated from Texas School for the Deaf in Austin. While in high school;  his first experience teaching ASL was  at Saint Ignatius Marty Catholic Church in an ASL  adult class (1974).

Francis then attended Gallaudet University, which is the only Liberal Arts university for the Deaf and hard of  hearing in the world.

Francis graduated with two degrees:  BS in Recreation and Leisure Studies, and BA in History from Gallaudet University.

His previous experience includes, working at Model Secondary School for the Deaf in Washington, D.C. , American School for the Deaf West Hartford, Conn, , Texas School for the Deaf and Maryland School for the Deaf working for Student Life Program.

Some of Francis' hobbies include: reading DC comic books, swimming daily, cycling, hiking, photography,  researching on Deaf history and culture, and woodworking (making bowls).