Evan Carter

Math/Science Teacher/Mentor

Evan is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, where he grew up, and graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with a Bachelor’s in Physics and Astrophysics. After some time living in New England for an M.A. in Astronomy, Evan moved to the wonderful city of Austin, Texas, where his partner is pursuing a Ph.D. from UT. During his time at university, Evan conducted research in the fields of both star and planet formation, relying on both computational models and data collected with the Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array, a powerful radio telescope in Chile. Evan also gained valuable experience as a teaching assistant and volunteer astronomer, operating telescopes at public star parties for both the Chabot Space Science Center and Van Vleck Observatory.

As a young man, Evan always envisioned himself as a high school teacher, but was keenly aware of the difficulties faced by public school teachers thanks to other members of his family. Compounded with his own struggles as a high school student, Evan sees the Fusion model as a wonderful opportunity to help kids succeed in a way that might not happen in a traditional setting. The work that Evan gets to do as a Fusion teacher is both valuable and meaningful, and he is at his happiest when his students are doing well in their coursework.

Outside of class, Evan can be found playing several kinds of games, of the video, board, and card variety, making music, going to museums, and taking road trips. He has quickly discovered the rich food culture of Austin, and is constantly looking for opportunities to try new and delicious dishes. He and his wife are also blessed with the presence of a pet cat. She is very old and very sassy!