Cody Pileski

Head of School


Cody Pileski graduated from The University of Wisconsin-Madison for his undergraduate studies with a BA in English and BS in Psychology. He continued his studies at Kennesaw State University and received a BA in Education. Feeling he needed more, he received his master's degrees in Curriculum and Design and Educational and Informational Technologies from National University.


Since 1994, Cody has been working in education spending his early days as a high school English teacher and department head in the public sector. Loving to create learning environments for kids, Cody also consults for and designs educational programs for schools and leadership programming for a variety of forums. His entire career he has mentored and coached young people to help build endurance and thrive as human beings.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Visited 49 of 50 states (Alaska, here he comes!)
  • Loves cooking and baking for others, especially challenging and technical dishes
  • Fanatic for the Olympics