Raphael Falkoff

Department Head of World Language & Physical Education

Raphael (Rafe) is a life long teacher and mentor for people of all ages and backgrounds. He has been teaching martial arts since 1999 and has continuously added other skills and topics to his repertoire. In college his focus was Asian Studies, Religion, and Kinesiology. After a few years of working as a recreational therapist in the University of Pennsylvania health system, he moved to Japan to teach English. While there, he continued to grow his own Dojo in the US, Japan, and around the world. Upon his return to the US, Rafe continued teaching and facilitation including teaching conflict de-escalation, communication, body language, and intercultural competence to SEPTA bus operators, train conductors and upper management. From there, he became a life coach to people of all ages and the practices there-in seep into his various roles at Fusion Academy Ardmore. Upon joining Fusion, Rafe felt like he had found a home doing valuable work with amazing people. One of his many sayings that he lives by is, “Being a teacher means being a student for life.”

When not in the classroom, Rafe is usually either doing his own martial arts training, honing a skill (leather craft, blacksmithing, woodworking, game design, etc.), or playing a classic video game. He’s also a husband, friend, and passionate cat parent.