Elle Clendenin
Science and Math Teacher/Mentor
Elle Clendenin strives to provide her students with an excellent understanding of mathematics and science by creating a personalized and exciting experience! Elle is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Arcadia University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a Genetics concentration and Minor in Psychology. Before Fusion, she was a lab assistant in a Developmental Toxicology lab and worked at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in the Mitochondrial Medicine Frontier Program as a genetic counseling assistant. Over the past 5 years, Elle has worked in a variety of educational environments with experience teaching and tutoring students from ages 5 to 20. Elle is a proud dog mom and spends her free time with her loved ones. She loves travelling and enjoys going to Walt Disney World.

Zarazuela Zolkipli-Cunningham, Elizabeth M. McCormick, Elle Clendenin, Colleen C. Muraresku, Elyse Ryan, Kathleen Valverde, Patrick F. Chinnery, Marni J. Falk, Richard H. Haas: The Significant Impact of Mitochondrial Myopathy Symptoms. 9th Regional Translational Research in Mitochondria, Aging, and Disease Symposium, Philadelphia, PA. September 2019 Notes: Poster.

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