Brandon Littlepage



Brandon enrolled in NJCU (New Jersey City University) in the Fall of 2010 and graduated the in Summer of 2015. With interest of different cultures around the globe, he majored in International Business Administration.


Brandon has over 5 years of teaching experience from both English, and Hip Hop Dance Choreography. His degree in International Business, his passion for English speech and cultural differences led him to teaching English in Hongseong, South Korea for 3 years. He currently works as a scheduling coordinator and Homework Café Teacher to assist in student's needs.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Brandon has hiked Seo-san Mountain in South Korea with his fellow teachers/peers!
  • Brandon has partnered with the Sickle Cell Organization and hosted a 24 hour dance marathon in which he physically participated for 16 of the 24 hours
  • Brandon once worked for the gaming industry, loves to play games on his own time and studies the philosophy and intricacies of game design.