Adam Robinson



Adam enrolled in the music education program at Rowan University in the fall of 2013. After 3 years without taking any math courses, Adam rediscovered his love for math and began working to become certified as a math educator. Adam graduated from Rowan in the spring of 2020 with Bachelor's degrees in Music, Mathematics, and Subject Matter Education.


In the past, Adam has worked at multiple inner-city school districts (public and private), providing support in mathematics education to underserved communities. He currently works part-time as a math tutor in addition to working as a teacher/mentor at Fusion.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Spent upwards of 60 hours constructing an 18"x18"x18" Menger Sponge entirely out of folded index cards
  • Currently learning to play bass guitar after a lifelong aversion to string instruments
  • Planning to (eventually) attend graduate school for a Master's degree in Mathematics