Andy Charles Donohue


B.A. History & M.L.A. Landscape Architecture & Urban/Envrionmental Design


Andy earned his Bachelors in History from the University of Tampa specializing in Celtic and Native American studies graduating in 2011. During his graduate school tenure, Andy attended Florida International University for Landscape Architecture & Urban/Environmental Design, graduating in 2018.


Andy has worked as an Educational Coordinator at a DCF/DMH residential school in Arlington, MA as well as a Lead ABA Counselor in Andover, MA. Andy worked in a variety of setting in both public and private education across the Northeast. Andy worked as a teacher on Fusion's Miami before moving to Georgia.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Won two American Society for Landscape Architect awards in graduate school for projects coordinating with the Bahamian Government and for innovative solution to sea level rise on Miami Beach.
  • While living in Australia Andy sailed & dove the Great Barrier Reef and created a non-profit PR campaign for Asthma Queensland.
  • Loves sailing and swimming on Cape Cod with his family where he used to compete in several regattas. Email