Susan Haverstock


Susan grew up in the south, living in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. She first became interested in American Sign Language when she met a friend who was deaf in her freshman year of high school.  At the University of North Carolina at Greensboro she majored in Educational Interpreting for the Deaf.  During this time, she volunteered at a school for the deaf.  Later she moved to Washington, DC to pursue a Masters Degree in Deaf Education-Elementary at Gallaudet University.  She has been involved in the deaf community for over 20 years  After seven years of teaching elementary students who are deaf, she is excited to be a teacher at Fusion teaching American Sign Language and Deaf culture.

She lives in Alexandria with her husband, Chris. In her free time, she frequents area tea rooms, attends shows at local theaters and researches genealogy.  She is also improving her cooking skills (hopefully without setting off the fire alarm in her house!)