Paige Lichens


Paige Lichens teaches yoga, meditation and wellness but also mentors students to discover their best self.   She completed her undergraduate degree in 1997 in Accounting and was a CPA for over 15 years.   She shifted her career into job recruiting while pursuing a variety of yoga and meditation certifications.   She has completed over 1000 hours of yoga and meditation study.   She is currently completing her MS in Yoga Therapy at MUIH. Her specialty is teaching guided meditation with sound bath (Gong, bowls and drums).

Paige enjoys reading, taking walks with her dogs and enjoying stand-up comedy with her husband.  Back in 2002 she was skydiving when a student collided into her and she broke her back.  Although painful, this accident eventually sent her to a yoga class to heal and changed her path to where she is now… helping others therapeutically.