Dino Vergura


Dino Vergura is a Theatre, Math and English teacher here at Fusion Academy! All subjects he enjoys teaching. Teaching at such opposite ends of academia can be such fun and help students connect such opposite subjects! Dino teaches all math subjects up to pre-calculus, English for all grade levels and theatre/acting/design for everyone!

Before Teaching at Fusion, he studied Education at Fairmont State University with a primary concentration in theatre. There, he participated in a variety of theatrical events and performances. After college, he continued his work as a professional actor in theatre and film, a stage carpenter and set designer before and while teaching at Fusion. Also, he has taught a variety of theatrical masterclasses and led theatre-based presentations to individuals of all ages.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends, playing games and wandering about outside.

Dino Vergura is so excited to be a part of this big Fusion Family!