Danielle Greenberg


Danielle is the head of the English department at Fusion Alexandria. Aside from English and Language Arts, she teaches Wellness, Life Skills, Executive Functioning, and various Humanities classes. She also co-facilitates the Middle School Homework Cafe. 

Danielle grew up in Queens, went to high school at Bronx Science, and earned her bachelor’s degree from New York University. As a speech and language therapist, she worked with students of all ages and skill levels, helping them with reading, writing, speaking, listening, and improving their social skills.  

Later she earned an MFA in Creative Writing, taught Freshman Composition to college students, worked as a proofreader for a small press, and became a published author. Her favorite writers are Toni Morrison, Italo Calvino, Anne Carson, and Franz Kafka. 

Outside of work, Danielle loves knitting, trivia, and movie marathons.

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