Ashley Kearns

Physical Education Teacher/Mentor

Ashley is from a small town in Indiana and just recently moved to New York about a year ago. Growing up, Ashley was a competitive gymnast from the age of 4 to 18, a competitive cheerleader from middle school through college and is now a competitive bodybuilder. She knew from the time she was 15 years old she wanted to help others get healthy and in shape from her own struggle with a disease that makes her gain weight easily. So she received a Bachelor’s degree in both exercise science and psychology. Then after college worked at weight loss/fitness camps for adults and teens, from L.A. to Florida. She has been a Certified Personal Trainer for 8 years and currently travels around NYC helping others to reach their health and fitness goals. She is very excited to work with the students at Fusion to help them learn more about how to have a healthy, active lifestyle and teach them how exercise can be fun along with making all other aspects of their lives more successful.