Paulkey Fu


Paulkey grew up in Taipei, Taiwan, a native Mandarin Chinese speaker. He went to a dual language school, so English is also his primary language in daily life.  Paulkey was majoring in Computer Science, graduated from University of Maryland.  He had been working as an engineer, a programmer and also a system engineer as well.  He has quite a number of thesis publications in computer algorithm area or in telecommunication area, especially in mobile networks.  Paulkey has also taught in public schools for many years, he taught math, Chinese language, computer and low level English reading.  He also teaches SAT/ACT math as well.

Besides professional jobs, Paulkey likes to play tennis and he plays a lot.  He rides on his bicycle often.  He rides his bicycle to local stores, to the beach, and even just wandering around the neighborhood.  He likes photographing.  Even though he is not a professional photographer, he has taken some impressive pictures.

As a Chinese, Paulkey for sure enjoys gourmet food.  However, he does not eat Asian food due to some allergies to certain Asian ingredients.  But he definitely enjoys Italian food and American fast food as well.  American fast food restaurants are his favorite places.  You probably can see him at the fast food places often.