Lisa Nieminen


Lisa Nieminen is a Language Arts and History teacher at the Fusion Academy Boca campus in South

Florida. She is a graduate of Grand Canyon University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in

Educational Studies with a concentration in Special Education coursework. She believes an individualized approach to teaching tailored to each student’s unique learning style, ability and potential is an essential framework for their success.

Prior to joining Fusion Academy, Lisa worked as a lead teacher at a Preschool in Delray Beach where she supervised a pre-K classroom and planned age-appropriate lessons and activities. She employed creative and engaging lessons to enrich student development and behavior, assessing their progress and adapting her approach accordingly.

Lisa also spent a number of years as a Licensed Massage Therapist at a Boca Country Club where she assisted in the training of other therapists in new modalities. Her personalized approach in the classroom extended to the spa environment, where she attended to each client’s specific health needs to assist in their overall well-being.

Lisa loves spending her free time with her son and has a passion for travel, seeking out new experiences, discovering interesting places and savoring spicy foods wherever she can find them. She is an avid reader and an enthusiast for all things Philadelphia, her hometown of origin.