Jon Weiss


Jon Weiss is a one-of-kind, vintage, mid-last-century (circa 1950) creation.  Growing up in the wholesome Midwest, Jon attended various campuses of the University of Wisconsin, ultimately graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Jon majored in Political Science, and a had a specialization in social science research methodology.

As a follow-up to some of his original research on court reform, Jon pursued the then little-known field of community-based mediation.  Following the model established by then Attorney General Griffin Bell, Jon recruited and trained the first mediators to serve the Metropolitan Milwaukee Mediation Center.  Later, Jon served as the Executive Director of the Chicago-based Center for Conflict Resolution.

Leaving the Center for Conflict Resolution he devoted himself full-time to his role as a private practice third-party neutral/mediator.  While associated with the Center and in private practice, Jon engaged in numerous related activities.  These included member and Chair of the Ford Motor Company Consumer Appeals Board, negotiations, mediation and ethics instructor for several Chicago area law schools, a founding member of the Center for the Analysis of Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems, and lead instructor and workshop presenter on advanced mediation techniques and training.  After 25 years in the conflict resolution, Jon left the field and Chicago.  He relocated to Fort Lauderdale where he lives today with his feral cat colony.

After a brief unofficial retirement, including celebrating his 5th decade of life (or approximately 420,480,000 breaths) in Paris for six weeks, Jon decided to return to formal education and pursue a degree in Information Technology.  It was during this time that Jon renewed his love affair with learning.  Information technology and computer science led Jon to return to the hard sciences including research on singing spiders (Jon is still one of a small number of people worldwide to have heard a male gray wall jumping spider sing).  Uncertain about where to take his awakened curiosity about the world around him, Jon responded to the ultimate learning challenge, teaching.

Today, Jon is an in-demand tutor, especially in the areas of statistics and computer science.  Jon has also taught many middle school and high school level courses.  These include, English, civics, American, European, and world history, environmental science, algebra, statistics, business and consumer math, psychology, macro and micro economics, literature, and creative writing.  Each November Jon participates in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). He has also worked in both a college engineering lab and computer lab and has taught robotics and 3D printing.

Two years ago Jon joined the instructors at Coastal Education Institute.  There he enjoys teaching statistics, microbiology, college math and algebra, chemistry and management.  Although no longer as actively engaged, Jon still oversees a small computer consulting company.  During his unlimited free time, Jon is a student in an interdisciplinary master’s degree program combining English, Management Information Systems and History.