Nick Henning

Nick is the Master Teacher at Fusion Berkeley. As Master Teacher, Nick teaches several classes in addition to providing support and training for the other teachers on campus.

Nick has a Master’s degree in economics from Tufts University. He also attended Tufts as an undergrad and received a double major in economics and psychology, with a combined focus on statistics.

Nick is a California transplant, and prior to moving out here, he worked with Fusion at the Washington DC campus. Nick spent seven years in DC working as a research analyst for the Federal Reserve Board, a data analyst for Friendship Charter Schools, and a middle school teacher for KIPP AIM Academy in Anacostia.

In his free time, Nick is a board game hobbyist. He plays casually, competitively, and works on designing his own games. As a new resident to Oakland, Nick can also be seen biking around the city and trying new hiking trails.