Robyn Stone


Robyn has broad academic interests which have led her in the last eight years to pursue the overarching position of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) educator. Prior to teaching, Robyn put her education and interests together in a long and creative career in advertising and design. She owned her own boutique design firm, allowing her to generate creative writing and art direction, and specialized in working with clients in higher ed and science-based businesses.

Having always loved teaching, Robyn taught as an adjunct at local colleges in design and communications. After her two kids were born, she taught in elementary schools and launched an entrepreneurial start-up enrichment program and camp for kids in science and art which embodied the STEAM curriculum. Deciding to commit to teaching full-time as well as focusing on her studio practice, Robyn pursued her Masters of Fine Arts, graduating last May.

Robyn is a mom of two teens, a boy and girl in high school, a dog and two teen cats. She additionally plays tennis every chance she gets. Robyn has traveled, worked, studied and lived abroad on numerous occasions. Her favorite quote is “A mind once expanded, never goes back to its original dimension.”