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Some subjects don’t come easily and can become a barrier to moving forward – academically and emotionally. That’s why we offer tutoring across all required subject areas and for many electives as well. The Fusion approach to tutoring mirrors our teaching approach: always one-to-one, with one student and one teacher per classroom for the entire session. Tutoring begins with an interview and assessment to determine learning level, learning style and pace. Tutoring at Fusion builds confidence while building mastery – by customizing teaching style to each student and sticking with a topic until mastery is achieved, students learn to feel good about themselves and the subject matter.

As with everything at Fusion, tutoring is customized to the individual student. The number and frequency of sessions are determined by the student’s mastery of subject. And sessions are offered any time of day, not just after-school, to meet a student’s scheduling needs.

Fusion Academy is a revolutionary community of learning where positive relationships unlock academic potential. One-to-one classrooms allow for a completely customized learning experience from scheduling to curriculum. Students are able to enroll at any time, and take classes at a pace that works for them. We offer the choice to be a full-time student, take classes for credit, or utilize tutoring services. Fusion is an accredited private school with courses available at three levels: essential, college-prep, and honors. Fusion students are all unique but have one thing in common: traditional school doesn’t work.

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Homework battles can leave parents and kids exhausted and frustrated. Our Homework Café® provides a relaxed, fully staffed learning environment where students can complete their homework with teacher assistance – keeping time outside of school free for family and personal interests. For students taking Classes for Credit, participating in a summer program, or engaged with a tutor, the Homework Café® is an affordable, drop-in solution.


Fusion teaches one to one. One student and one teacher.


We believe positive relationships are the key to unlocking the potential in every kid. Our one-to-one classrooms allow teachers to build positive mentor relationships with each student so they are best equipped to learn.

Fusion Homework Café

Homework Café®

No homework goes home, yes you read that correctly. Students complete all their homework with teacher assistance and supervision in our Homework Café® before they leave campus. The battle is over (imagine stress-free evenings).

Art, Music and Physical wellnes programs

Art and Music

While other schools are cutting their art and music programs, we offer a robust roster of elective courses for students to express their creativity in our mixed-media art studio and state-of-the-art recording studio.