homework café

No more nightly homework battles.

We’ve taken the “home” out of homework and put it back in school where it belongs.

Homework Help Straight from the Teachers

Fusion teachers supervise the Homework Café® and help students who are struggling. Teachers also help students stay on task and manage their time effectively, helping them build valuable study skills.

Relaxed Learning Environment

The Homework Café® more closely resembles a home’s living room than a typical school study area. With comfortable couches, pillows, and blankets, students can truly relax while they complete their work.

The Center of Campus Life

The Homework Café® has two separate areas: one designated for quiet, independent study, and one for students to socialize, work on less-focused assignments, and collaborate on projects. The social Homework Café® is the central hub of the Fusion campus. It’s the place where students hang out between classes and where campus gatherings are held. Our classes may be one-to-one, but with the Homework Café® students still have plenty of opportunities to interact with their peers and form friendships.

No Homework Goes Home

Fusion Academy students do receive assignments to be completed outside of class time—after all, practice makes perfect—but they don’t bring their work home with them. Students instead complete assignments in our Homework Café®, a relaxed, fully-staffed learning environment where students can receive homework help from Fusion teachers if needed. The result: homework-free evenings at home.

“They haven’t forgotten the age-old adage, “Practice makes perfect,” but they have relocated the practice to a more appropriate setting. They call it the Homework Café. Here students finish any, well, homework with instructors present and ready to help. The days of sitting at the dinner table all evening while your dad flips thorugh your math book, trying to relearn geometry, are long gone.”

—Pasdena Magazine, April 2011

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