One-to-one sessions, every time.

Some subjects just don’t come as easily as others. We understand that each student learns differently, and tailor each individual session to that student’s learning style. Because our tutoring sessions are ALWAYS one-to-one—one teacher, one student—the teacher can ensure that mastery is achieved on one topic before moving to the next. The result? Students gain renewed confidence through achieving academic success one session at a time.

Tutoring Subjects

Fusion Learning Center offers tutoring across all required subject areas, and many elective subjects as well. You can view our full course listing, by campus, in our curriculum section, or search by campus above to see a list of their offering. Don’t see the class you need? You can request that the class be offered at your chosen location, and we will do our best to make it happen!

An End to Homework Strife

Homework time can be the worst time of the day for some families. To end the homework battles, Fusion offers an affordable drop-in solution called the Homework Café®. This relaxed, fully-staffed learning environment allows students to complete their homework with opportunity for teacher assistance. Finally—evenings can be peaceful again!

Customized Tutoring

Fusion Learning Center is contract-free! You won’t find set tutoring “packages” or a one-size-fits-all approach. As with everything at Fusion, tutoring is completely customized to the individual student. Before starting, each student is interviewed and academically assessed to create the foundation for learning level and pace. The quantity and frequency of tutoring sessions is determined by the student’s mastery of subject matter. Tutoring sessions are offered any time of day, not just after-school tutoring, to meet the scheduling demands of each student and provide the ultimate customized learning experience.

Our Teachers

All of our tutors are academy teachers who have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher in the subjects they tutor. They are aware of state-mandated curriculum requirements, as well as what is needed at the school level, and will ensure that your child is prepared. On top of that, every Fusion teacher receives in-depth training on how to support the various stages of each student’s academic and emotional development. The one-to-one ratio allows our teachers to build a mentoring, supportive relationship with each student, acting as a life coach, confidante, and all-around family resource.

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