Fusion summer school in 3 words:
flexibility, variety, fun!

For Fusion students, summer is about proactive learning and unique subject choices…without long-term contracts. Catching up in a subject, taking a class for credit to get ahead, or mixing and matching interesting electives like art, yoga, and music allows students to make the most of summer. Fusion’s customized schedules and a one-to-one learning environment is the ideal solution for students who want to continue school in the summer on their own time, and at their own pace.

Re-take a class or lighten the class load in the fall.

Our Classes for Credit program allows middle school and high school students to lighten their course load in the fall by taking a course in the summer, or improve a GPA by receiving one-to-one help from a teacher in a private classroom. Each class is taught with just one teacher and one student per classroom and is completely customized to the individual student—from the time of day it’s scheduled to the teaching style and course topic. Best of all, our classes meet state and national curriculum standards, are accepted as transferable units by most schools, and are often more fun because they’re taught in a way that is relevant to the student’s interests.

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Summer Tutoring…reinvented.

Students of all ages—from kindergarten to college—can mix and match academics with fun electives. Imagine taking a few creative writing class sessions to try it out without the commitment of a full class or lengthy tutoring contract. Students can take just a couple sessions of something that sounds interesting, or twenty sessions of something they love.

Summer at Fusion is completely the student’s creation there is no minimum time commitment for any of our unique tutoring offerings. The elective choices at Fusion are endless. Students can take a little recording arts, guitar, mixed-media art, and even astronomy! Throw in some yoga for fun and now you have a truly customized summer.

Oriented toward students who are enrolled in local summer classes, this program provides the support they need to successfully complete the session. Learn more »
This program improves the fundamental math, reading, or writing skills that a student needs to be more successful in school. Learn more »
Individualized one-to-one preparation for the SAT or ACT. We’ll review the foundations of the test and provide strategies to improve your score. Learn more »
Fusion’s Hamburger Writing curriculum teaches students how to write a standard five-paragraph essay that teachers will love.
This program teaches all of the practical study skills students struggle with: note taking, time management, organization, test preparation, and more.
Boost reading comprehension and get ahead for the upcoming school year by reading through the novels that will appear on the required reading list.
Get a jump on this school year. We’ll feature the same textbooks students will see in the course at school, boosting familiarity with the subject matter.
Intensive music lessons in our state-of-the-art recording studio, or art programs such as photography, painting, and sculpture. Learn more »
Relieve stress while improving strength, flexibility, and balance. Students can relax, recharge, and have fun, regardless of skill level. Learn more »
Programs can be tailored and combined to fit each individual student’s preferences. Contact your local campus to start customizing your program. Contact us »

Why Choose Fusion Summer Tutoring?

Flexible Scheduling.
Sleep in late and go to class in the evening! Or finish up early and spend the day at the pool. At Fusion, students completely customize their own schedules, with courses available from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. We can also accommodate time off for vacations, and even offer accelerated learning options so students can complete a class in as few as four weeks.

Start enjoying the subjects.
Our teachers know how to make class engaging by teaching to each student’s unique learning style and incorporating their interests into the lessons. For instance, English might not be some students’ favorite subject, but when they can pick literature that truly excites them, school stops being work and starts being fun.

Master the material.
Classes are taught in person, not online, and there’s just one student and one teacher in each private classroom. We don’t move on to the next lesson until the student has demonstrated mastery of the current one. So, when students come to Fusion, they’re sure to find success.

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