Build the essential skills necessary for success in high school, higher education, and beyond.

Your teacher will be your mentor and guide as you achieve personal growth.

An integral component of Fusion is helping students to learn the skills they need to succeed in school and in life. Learning doesn’t begin and end with books; rather it encompasses social, emotional, physical, academic, and self-sufficiency skills.

Our intensive one-to-one skill-building courses take a well-rounded approach to growth and development, offering tailored support to each student and a personal mentor.

Customized Sessions

Fusion’s two high school-level skill-building courses include Life Skills and Study Skills:

  • Life Skills focuses on exploring personal and social growth, career possibilities, and independent living skills while building character assets to foster resiliency and future success.
  • Study Skills is more academic in nature, concentrating on academic skill-building and time management to prepare students for the self-driven world of higher education.

Each course is fully customized to the individual student, complementing areas of strength and building areas of growth potential.

Our Teachers

Your teacher will be your mentor as you learn and grow. All of our tutors are academy teachers who have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher in the subjects they tutor. Every Fusion teacher receives in-depth training on how to support the various stages of each student’s academic and emotional development, while the one-to-one ratio allows our teachers to build a mentoring, supportive relationship with each student, acting as a life coach, confidante, and all-around family resource.

Because our teachers work so closely with students, on a one-to-one basis, they are often able to recognize when students need more than just academic support. Adolescence is a turbulent time, and students may encounter great emotional stressors and peer pressure. Students who need emotional support have access to an on-staff family therapist or substance abuse counselor, and we partner with outside therapeutic professionals and programs when needed.

Additionally, we provide further higher education support with college counseling and college application assistance. This can include sessions with parents and students, as we delve into financial and practical considerations.

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