At Fusion, we believe that academics should be supplemented with a little something extra.

Also called ‘electives’, we offer a variety of unique classes, including yoga, movie producing, and art studies. Whether a student wants to learn a new skill, polish an existing one, or just blow off a little steam, our enrichment classes are the perfect place to start.

With more than 450 different classes, Fusion Academy offers nearly the most unique electives in any private school. “Customized education” just got a little more personal. View all enrichment offerings here.

A Great Resource

These classes aren’t meant to get in the way of other academics – they’re meant to be a supplement to life and learning. Enrichment classes are just as important as core educational classes, and with actual experts and full-blown music and art studios, we optimize our students’ time in the classroom.

Personalized Learning

As with all of our offerings, enrichment classes are taught completely one-to-one. Classes can start and stop any time of year, and students can choose to take as many or as few classes per week as they’d like. We understand that students need flexible schedules, so these electives can be taken at any time of day – before school, after school, or in between other classes.

Credit Revival

Students can also receive class credit for an elective outside their current school’s offerings. This is a great alternative for students who want keep up their GPA for sports eligibility at a current school, or just try their hand at a new subject – like Japanese!

Learn More

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