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Fusion Parent Reviews

Tim H Fusion has been such a transformative experience and you all have done an amazing job. We can see you've really embraced and nurtured my son and the results have been stunningly great. Thank you so much. It means more to us than you can imagine.
Tim H, Fusion Walnut Creek Parent
Good Investment The investment is well worth it in terms of the experience and student success. –Fusion Pasadena Parent
Amazed Thank you so much. Erika opened up a little today and told me what has been discussed in class. I was truly amazed at what was covered and how interested she was in the subject. You are doing a wonderful job of keeping history meaningful to her. –Grandma Bea, Fusion Pasadena
Clear Communication with Parents At Fusion we are greeted enthusiastically. We have open access to teachers and staff. We know exactly what our son is doing and how he is performing and how he approaches his education. –Dave S., Fusion Parent

Fusion Student Reviews

In my year at Fusion, I learned HOW I learn and what I want from my classes. But not only that, I learned about who I am and what I want in life. A 2014 Fusion Pasadena Graduate   A 2014 Fusion Pasadena Graduate
Making Learning Enjoyable School for me before was a prison, and I just got set free. I’m here and I’m in the real world and I get to enjoy learning while having fun doing it. Watch Thaddeus talk about his experience » –Thaddeus B., Fusion Student
Congratulations Congratulations Mike M. for getting accepted to St. Joseph's College, Iona College, Molloy College, Nassau County Community College, Suffolk County Community College! Fusion Staff
Positive Environment I first noticed the overall friendliness of everyone here. It’s a family. People help each other out. We are all really nice to each other. It’s just a good environment. –John G., Fusion Student

Reviews from Outside Professionals

An absolutely terrific experience! An absolutely terrific experience! I've made visits to hundreds of programs, and yours is first rate. Your materials facilities and presentation were all very professional and impressive. I'm very excited about your being in Dallas/Plano. Ron Eubanks, Dallas Educational Consultant
You have an amazing school I want to thank you and all your colleagues for hosting such an informative and fun introduction to Fusion! You have an amazing school and a dynamic, dedicated  staff--I see why you all are so happy to be at work! Sally Baird
Successful Outcomes I have referred to Fusion for every level of service from tutoring to Homework Café, single-course instruction to full-time academic programming. Without exception my patients and others have been extremely pleased and satisfied with the services they have received there. –Dr. Barbara Czescik
An Individualized Education When I refer students to Fusion, I am confident that they will find a learning environment that is individually tailored to their unique needs, provided by the most highly qualified and caring teachers, and that they will experience success, often for the first time. Fusion has found a formula that works. –Nancy J. Lazerson, MA, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist/Educational Consultant

Fusion in the News

Extraordinary School Upon being greeted at Fusion Academy by a “director of first impressions” and glancing at a school brochure boldly emblazoned with “We didn’t just break the mold in education, we shattered it, crushed it, and revolutionized it,” it was evident that extraordinary things occur behind these walls. –Southbay Magazine, November 2012
Student and Family Support If your child feels anxious or is having trouble in school, Fusion Academy may be just what your child needs. The school is for students grades 6-12 and features one-on-one classes, individual schedules, and support not only for the students, but for the families as well. –NY Metro Parents Magazine, June 2012
More Individual Attention What makes Fusion Academy so appealing? Because of its one-to-one teaching methods and personalized schedules, students receive more attention and can learn at their own pace. –OC Family Magazine, October 2010
Doing What’s Right for Each Individual Student ...Taking a decidedly non-traditional approach to middle and high school education, Fusion is all about doing what’s right for each individual student. The one-to-one ratio means personalized attention, customized lessons, and flexible schedules—not to mention creative engagement, a challenging yet informal environment, and learning through conversation.” –New York Family Magazine, October 2012

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