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Fusion Parent Reviews

I highly recommend Fusion Academy From the moment we walked in the door we were treated with kindness and compassion.  My daughter was struggling both academically and emotionally in her last semester of High School and we were feeling rather desperate.  The ability to work one on one with her teachers restored her confidence and helped her graduate on time!  She enjoyed the comradery and friendly, open environment.  As an educator who has worked in Independent Schools for over 25 years, I highly recommend Fusion Academy if you need an alternative to traditional schooling. Thank You Fusion! Wendy Leberman
A Feeling of Home Fusion’s campus is like a home, like a family, but it is also a beautiful campus setting and it's really hip and really cool for didn’t have a feeling of pressure and competitiveness, it has a really supportive learning environment. Watch Susanne talk about her experience » –Susanne Condon, Fusion Parent
Strong Academic Engagement Since coming to Fusion [my student]  is actually engaged and she talks to me about the subjects that she is doing in class. She also talks to me in a completely different way that she was doing before. Now I get the much higher level of conversation. It's clear that she understands it. –Lyn P., Fusion Parent
Room to Grow There is plenty of opportunity to grow socially, and the kids are really kind to one another. –Fusion Pasadena Parent

Fusion Student Reviews

Strong Friendships One of the best things about coming to Fusion has to do with the incredible relationships I’ve been able to build. It was great to find students going through the same things I was. –2013 Pasadena Graduate
Fusion Graduate Parting Message “Some might think that being the only student in a class fosters the opposite of independence because the attention you’re given must make it impossible to fail. In reality, it’s the other way around. The attentiveness of my teachers isn’t what holds me accountable to my academics; it’s simply what taught me to hold myself accountable – to work for myself. The more I realized I was surrounded by people who cared about my success, the more I felt inclined to internalize such expectations.” -Danielle Cupps, 2014 Fusion Academy Mission Viejo Graduate Danielle Cupps
Graduation Achieved If it weren’t for Fusion, I wouldn’t be graduating from high school today. –2013 Pasadena Graduate
Classmates Become Family When a kid comes to Fusion they get to experience a family at school...when we meet new kids we always introduce ourselves, so that they feel like they are part of the family. –Monica, Fusion Student

Reviews from Outside Professionals

Extremely pleased and satisfied with the services I have referred to Fusion for every level of service from tutoring to Homework Café, single-course instruction to full-time academic programming. Without exception my patients and others have been extremely pleased and satisfied with the services they have received there. Dr. Barbara Czescik
When I refer to fusion I am confident in the quality of the teaching As a psychotherapist and educational consultant I have had excellent feedback from every family I have referred to fusion.  When I refer to fusion I am confident in the quality of the teaching and the ability of the teachers to individualize learning for each student. Fusion teachers put psychological and educational research into action by helping each student find his or her passion and building curriculum around it.  I also appreciate fusion's faculty provision of a healthy peer environment with social activities and two kinds of study halls. Melody Matthews Lowman, M.A.(psychology)
Fusion helps connect students with finding their purpose in life I had the opportunity to actually meet with several of the Fusion students on a recent trip to Los Angeles and I was very impressed.  I found the students to be intelligent, poised, direct, helpful and passionate about learning.  Fusion students are very grounded and they are focused on doing what needs to be done to achieve their goals.  They are also very creative and inspiring.  I was also impressed with Fusion faculty and staff because it’s clear that they remind their students that they matter.  A Fusion student knows that their presence is important and that their lives have meaning and purpose.    It’s part of the Fusion culture.  Yes, the students will receive a quality tailored education, but more importantly I think that Fusion helps connect students with finding their purpose in life.  In my opinion, finding ones purpose in life is priceless. Marie K.
A Clinical Director's Views From the moment I arrived [at Fusion Huntington Beach], a warm welcome including personalized signage, I was impressed.  You have a phenomenal program and the attention to detail and ability to adapt was impressive.  I must also point out the Host.    Your enthusiasm and kind spirit seem to be a great match for your population.  As a matter of fact the staff I had a chance to meet seemed to really enjoy what they are doing.  Such a plus.  So thanks again for the tour and information and I will be sure to give your name to those who meet your criteria as well as parents of those who meet your criteria. Thank you for the kind words. I really enjoyed my afternoon.     Mark R. Kisner, MSW, CADC-II

Fusion in the News

Extraordinary School Upon being greeted at Fusion Academy by a “director of first impressions” and glancing at a school brochure boldly emblazoned with “We didn’t just break the mold in education, we shattered it, crushed it, and revolutionized it,” it was evident that extraordinary things occur behind these walls. –Southbay Magazine, November 2012
Student and Family Support If your child feels anxious or is having trouble in school, Fusion Academy may be just what your child needs. The school is for students grades 6-12 and features one-on-one classes, individual schedules, and support not only for the students, but for the families as well. –NY Metro Parents Magazine, June 2012
More Individual Attention What makes Fusion Academy so appealing? Because of its one-to-one teaching methods and personalized schedules, students receive more attention and can learn at their own pace. –OC Family Magazine, October 2010
Doing What’s Right for Each Individual Student ...Taking a decidedly non-traditional approach to middle and high school education, Fusion is all about doing what’s right for each individual student. The one-to-one ratio means personalized attention, customized lessons, and flexible schedules—not to mention creative engagement, a challenging yet informal environment, and learning through conversation.” –New York Family Magazine, October 2012

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