Meet the people that make Fusion work!

Fusion’s leadership is a passionate group of individuals committed to changing the world, one child at a time. Leadership members come from a variety of backgrounds, but share the common belief that every student can learn and be successful if given the right tools and support.

Our Leadership Team

Michelle Rose Gilman
Peter G. Ruppert
President and CEO
Jenny DeLessio
VP of Human Resources
Jeff C. Poole
Senior VP of Operations
Dave Martin
Chief Financial Officer
Mike VanDinther
VP of New School Development
Karina Neal
Director of New Talent
Grace Losada
Director of Education
Steven Racelis
Regional VP of Admissions and Outreach
Jennifer Rumack
Regional VP of School Operations
Amanda Sylvester
Regional Director of Operations
Dan Morgan
Regional VP of School Operations
Francisco Ayala
Regional Vice President

Our Heads of School

Ben Costa
Head of School, Englewood
Allison Purdy
Head of School
Maryam Pourmohsen
Head of School, Huntington Beach
Jeff Kozlowski
Head of School
Jennifer Fordham
Head of School, Mission Viejo
Dr. Kelley Mayr
Head of School
Cody Pileski
Head of School, Austin
Ashley Sarver
Head of School
Rebecca Lazarou
Head of School, Houston Galleria
Joie Laykoff
Head of School, Los Angeles
Stephanie Gold
Head of School
Heather Brookman
Head of School
Dave Hunt
Head of School
Lester Clowes
Head of School, Plano
Peter Mikulecky
Head of School, Solana Beach
Christine Drucker
Head of School, Princeton
Jennifer Walsh-Rurak
Head of School, Westchester
Kim Mansueto
Head of School
Christiana Martinez
Head of School
Sean Turner
Head of School
Brad Astin
Head of School
Amanda Sylvester
Head of School
Sylvia Snyder
Head of School


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