Enroll at Fusion, privately and personally.

The 5 Steps:

Step 1 – Is Fusion right for you?

Decide if you think Fusion Academy is right for your child (the list of reasons why Fusion is different may be able to help). Please contact us via the inquiry form on the right to request information or schedule a tour. Generally it is recommended that only parents or guardians attend the initial tour.

Step 2 – The intake meeting

Once you have decided that you would like your child to attend Fusion Academy, please call us to request an Intake Meeting. At this meeting, members of the Leadership Team will convene with you (either with or without your child, depending on the situation). They will take a full history of your child including academic, emotional, other school placements, learning differences, and formal reports. Please bring official transcripts from the last school your child attended to this meeting.

Step 3 – Take a tour

Your child will be encouraged to visit Fusion Academy and take a tour of the school so they can see exactly where they’ll be spending their time learning and socializing.

Step 4 – Discuss the schedule

If the placement is deemed appropriate, an administrator will schedule a time for you to consult with the Director of Fusion Academy to begin the process of discussing the student’s schedule and individualized program.

Step 5 – Complete / return the enrollment form

Once placement at Fusion Academy is deemed appropriate for your child by both you and Fusion Administration, you will need to complete and return an Enrollment Contract as well as a Contact and Deposit Form to officially enroll your child in our program. These forms are available on our local school pages

Enrollment Considerations

Fusion is a year-round school and accepts new students at all times. There are no formal start or finish dates for semesters, as students begin and end on their own schedule and at their own pace.

Due to the one-to-one nature of our program, we can enroll only a certain amount of students at one time. Enrollment is contingent upon teacher and schedule availability, and our schedule changes monthly. We are unable to pre-enroll a student who does not plan on beginning school within a few weeks.

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