Complement or supplement your own program with private classes – just like at home.

Can’t remember a thing from Calc II to pass on to your kids? Tired of using your home as a wet lab? Fusion has the tools to help your student succeed.


Fusion Academy offers a range of classes and programs that provide an ideal supplement to your private homeschooling program, helping to fill in gaps or address weak spots. All classes at Fusion are one-to-one—one teacher, one student—and are scheduled based on your needs and teacher availability. Many homeschooling students come to us for higher level classes—such as geometry, chemistry, and biology—or for art and music.

A unique learning environment

Fusion Academy offers a unique environment bursting with creativity and vibrancy. It’s not a formal, structured, traditional school environment. We believe that creative expression is integral to the development of the individual; that each person is different and so has a different learning style; and that respect, tolerance, and empathy are critical components of a supportive learning environment.


To support your homeschooling vision, we offer pre-paid and discounted packages in the following areas:

  • Private tutoring in all academic subjects
  • Studio art program in our mixed-media studio
  • Music instruction, from theory and technique to performance
  • Recording arts with Pro Tools education in our state-of-the-art recording studio
  • ACT and SAT test prep
  • College counseling and application assistance


Fusion Academy’s programs can grow with your child: from once-a-week tutoring to multiple classes-for-credit, or even full-time if you decide to transition out of homeschooling. You can also take advantage of our social events and gatherings. All of this creates an experience personalized for you. And best of all, it works.

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