Fusion students have one thing in common: traditional school just didn’t fit.

Fusion students require a more personalized, flexible approach to learning, and Fusion Academy’s one-to-one model of education provides just that. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you come to us from: we serve students with different challenges, personalities, and ways of learning.

It’s impossible to put all our students into categories, but generally we serve students with the following backgrounds:


Middle school and high school students with ADHD thrive in the distraction-free environment of our private, one-to-one classrooms. Our teachers go through special training to learn how to leverage students’ strengths and teach students with ADHD most effectively. They also personalize lessons to the students’ unique interests to keep them interested in the material. In addition, Fusion students complete all their work under teacher supervision in our Homework Café® before they leave for the day, so evening homework battles are a thing of the past. More about how we serve students with ADHD »

Conventional Students

Some students simply want to learn in a more personal environment or want more elective options than what is offered in a more traditional private school. These students enjoy having their lessons tailored to their interests, strengths, and learning style. They like the flexibility of being able to schedule their classes for any time of day, the freedom of not bringing home any homework, and the family feel of our tight-knit campus community.

Accelerated/Gifted Learners

Fusion’s one-to-one classes allow the student to set the pace of learning, which is vital for our gifted learners. Students may move through the material at an accelerated pace, keeping them actively learning and engaged. In addition, our flexible scheduling allows students to complete courses more quickly and graduate early if they choose. More about accelerated learning at Fusion »

Actors, Athletes, and Busy Schedules

Schedules are completely customizable at Fusion, from the time of day to the number of classes taken in a week. In addition, year-round enrollment and accelerated courses allow students to stay on pace with other students. Whether you’re an actor , musician , or athlete, Fusion can work with your schedule. More about our flexible scheduling»

Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Learning Differences

Fusion teachers are trained to work with students with mild learning differences. With just one student and one teacher per private classroom, the teacher can focus solely on helping that student achieve success. We also work closely with outside professionals as necessary, maintaining open lines of communication to ensure that the school, the student, the parents, and the outside professional services are all on the same page. More about how we serve students with learning differences »

Transition from Boarding School/Treatment Programs

Some students want to transition back to a traditional high school from boarding schools, wilderness programs, or treatment centers, and Fusion serves as an ideal bridge school.

School Anxiety/Social Challenges

With a small student body, teachers who take a mentoring approach to teaching, and a comfortable environment that looks nothing like a typical school, Fusion is a safe haven for students who faced negative social experiences in previous schools. More about campus life at Fusion »

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