One-to-one doesn’t mean antisocial.

Our students have plenty of time to socialize between classes, in the Homework Café®, and during campus meetings and events. One-to-one classes do not mean complete isolation; rather, this time in the classroom promotes focused learning, leaving our students with more time for family and friends outside the classroom.

Students come first at Fusion

We strive to foster a nurturing, close-knit community where students of varying backgrounds and outlooks can come together to form friendships based on open communication, honesty, and respect. You will find that there are no restrictions based on grade level or course of instruction.


Each Fusion school has two Homework Cafés®: one for quiet study, and one social Café® that is for group collaboration, meeting up between classes, and for campus gatherings. Here, students will form strong friendships with their peers. Regions also put on outside activities, like proms, to allow students to meet attendees of different Fusion locations and form a tight-knit community beyond the school’s walls.

Community meetings

Fusion Academy students and teachers are almost like family. As with all families, time together contributes to open communication, great relationships, and honest connections. The entire Fusion Academy student body meets weekly as a group to discuss emergent issues, current events, school-related activities, or sometimes just to vent. These meetings allow students a chance to voice their ideas in an environment of open acceptance.

Therapeutic support

Fusion Academy’s team of family therapists provides counseling to those students who require additional support, helping to keep them focused on achieving personal and academic success. We also provide the opportunity to integrate outside therapeutic professionals into the course of the school day through convenient scheduling and transportation options.

Additionally, Fusion offers a customized 20-session wellness program which helps students focus on achieving greater balance in their lives.

Lead teacher

Every student at Fusion Academy is assigned a Lead Teacher. This person acts as a guide, mentor, friend, and confidante, helping the student navigate their school experience, and providing support both academically and emotionally. The Lead Teacher also provides phone, email, and written communication to parents about their child’s experience of the school and progress in all areas.

Students meet with their Lead Teacher at the conclusion of each school day to be signed out before leaving campus and to address any questions or concerns.

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