The measure of a student goes beyond academics.

When it comes to evaluating our students, we don’t just call parent-teacher conferences and send home report cards. We truly care about each of our students and carefully monitor their progress. This allows us to help them create goals based on their own history and strengths.

We use three unique assessments in tandem:


Our teachers and administrators care about more than students’ grades. The IROCs, which occur 4 times a year, are compassionate, emotional conversations in which the student is the true focus. This method was developed by Fusion Academy and is utilized at each of our campuses. The IROCs (Individual Reassessment of Commitment) are an elaborate system of goal-setting and continual assessment that deliver different results for each unique student.

All of our students’ teachers meet privately with the administrative team to carefully discuss progress and struggles, taking into consideration students’ self-evaluations as well. But this process is more than just words and meetings.

This form of assessment provide our teachers and leaders with time to reflect and collaborate on how to best serve our students academically, emotionally, and socially. They’re not comprised only of in-depth notes, but also entail the development of action items.

Let’s say…

a student is struggling with math but loves music. That student’s math and music teachers may meet to discuss how they can integrate the student’s love of music into math lessons to inspire learning and success.

Let’s say…

a student is struggling at home with  a parent and it is reflected in his attitude toward the teachers at school. Our team will come up with a plan to break down this barrier, and will address emotional concerns in class before teaching begins.

Progress reports

In the time between quarterly IROCs, progress reports are completed every three weeks. This allows for continual monitoring of goals for both students and parents, allowing us to tailor each program to each student for optimal progress and learning.

MAP testing

Fusion Academy utilizes a proven methodology that assesses not only student proficiency, but also growth from test to test. In this way, we are better able to customize each student’s education to his or her needs, and continually check that mastery learning is occurring.

Our tool is the highly effective Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)—a web-based, adaptive assessment tool that provides a true and accurate measure of your child’s academic growth. This test is one of the many unique alternatives to standardized skills assessments offered by the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). A non-profit organization with 32 years of experience in research-based assessments, NWEA’s testing tools are now used in over 3,400 schools.

Unlike traditional skills assessments, MAP testing is untimed, individualized, measures knowledge across grade level, and is consistent from assessment-to-assessment, year-to-year. Learn more here.

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